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Vue Lite 2 combines your headphones, prescription glasses and Alexa voice assistant into one.

Voice Assistant

Alexa at Your Fingertips

Connect to your Amazon account to talk to Alexa from your glasses.

Control your home lighting, look up the weather, or buy toilet paper - just by speaking to your Vue anytime, anywhere.

Get news updates, check your calendar, or get email readouts, all via Vue’s built-in Alexa AI assistant.

Switch seamlessly between Alexa and Siri on iPhone “Hey Siri, call mom” “Alexa, who is Bill Withers?”


Capture Precious Moments

Use Vue as a remote trigger for your phone’s camera. Capture the moments that matter.


Tips and Tricks

View and share helpful tips and nifty tricks with other Vue users.

Upcoming Features

Coming soon 🚀

Find My Vue

We’ve all been there—sometimes the universe just swallows up our glasses. With the Find My Glasses feature, you can relax knowing that you’ll be able to find your frames again.

Coming soon 🚀

Listen to

Hear your notifications on the go. Your app notifications, text messages, and news headlines and email subjects can be read out to you discreetly, so you know when you need to pull out your phone (or when you don’t).

Coming soon 🚀

Record Audio with Vue

Take recordings in meetings or on the go. Vue’s built-in microphone with advanced noise-cancellation algorithms allows you to take audio recordings via your glasses without being intrusive.

Coming soon 🚀

Use Vue as a Hearing Aid

Have Vue amplify and replay in your ear the conversations that your phone picks up. Eliminate background noises and hear only the voices that matter.

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