Vue Lite Cygnus and Orion prescription glasses with clear lenses
Vue Lite Cygnus and Orion prescription glasses with clear lenses

The future of eyewear is connected

Vue is the world's thinnest, lightest pair of smart glasses designed for everyday use. Offered in prescription, plano, and sunglasses.
Starting from $149

Open Ear Surround Sound

Directional speakers point sound waves toward your ear, so you can experience audio straight with your glasses. Your ear remains open to hear your surroundings, so you can work, bike or drive while listening to audio.

Simple and Intuitive
Touch Controls

Just tap twice to pause or play a song, or answer and hang up a call, and long hold to trigger your phone's voice assistant. No ugly buttons - Vue's controls are easy and intuitive.

Listen to Music or Audiobooks

Caucasian man wearing Vue Lite Cygnus eyeglasses looking under hood of his car as he fixes his car
If you already wear corrective glasses or sunglasses, why not add audio capabilities? Connect Vue to your phone via Bluetooth and jam out your favorite songs or audiobooks.

High-Fidelity Noise Cancellation Microphone

Vue's microphone picks up your voice clearly so you can take calls or issue voice commands to your favorite voice assistants. And with built-in noise cancellation algorithms, your voice will sound sharp and clear regardless of your surroundings.

Take Handsfree Calls Conveniently

Caucasian woman taking Zoom video call with Vue Lite Cygnus eyeglasses and smiling
Caucasian man smiling and waving back at woman in Vue Lite Cygnus eyeglasses on Zoom video call
Stay connected to your loved ones wherever you are - Vue connects to your phone via Bluetooth so you can easily take calls without grabbing for headphones.

Pre-Installed Prescription Lenses

Vue comes with your prescription already installed—or plano (non-corrective) if you don't need prescription lenses. Supported lenses include single vision (for nearsightedness or farsightedness, with support for astigmatism), reading glasses, and progressive glasses (multifocal lens).

Protect Your Eyes From Blue Light

Whether you need clear lenses for everyday wear, blue light filtering lenses for protecting your eyes in front of the computer, photochromic lenses that change color in the sun, tinted lenses for the outdoors, or polarized lenses to reduce glare, we've got you covered.

All-Day Battery Life

With dual high-capacity lithium-polymer batteries, Vue can power you throughout the day.

4 h


20 h


Exposed view of electronic components inside Vue Lite, including PCB circuitboards, a micro-speaker, and a highlighted lithium battery

Remotely Control Your Camera

Use your glasses as a remote trigger to take photos. Just set your phone down, open the camera, and tap the Vue logo to take a photo. *Only supported on Android phones.

Turn-by-Turn Audio Navigation

Listen to navigation directions without having to look at your phone - stay safe while driving, biking, or walking on the street.

Voice Enabled Control

Connect to Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant for unlimited possibilities without touching your phone. Check the weather, look up a word, check your calendar, search for a recipe - the possibilities with voice are endless.

Built for Work

Use Vue in the office to listen to music without blocking your ears, so you can remain responsive to your colleagues. Or use Vue to take Zoom calls without fumbling for earphones.

Built for Sports

Use Vue during running, cycling or workouts to hear your favorite tunes. Or wear Vue during exercise to stay connected without carrying your phone on you.

Built for Play

Vue's designs suit your style and your life. Vue replaces the prescription glasses or sunglasses you already wear with tech-enabled glasses that seamlessly intersect between technology and art.

Built for the Road

Listen to audio safely while commuting, whether you walk, bike or drive. Vue's open ear design allows you to listen to music, podcasts or audiobooks while staying aware of your surroundings.

Easy and Fast Charging

Vue's custom-designed magnetic chargers allow you to charge easily. Vue fully charges in just an hour, so you can quickly recharge to power through the entire day.
Side view of Vue Lite connected to magnetic charging cable

Designs You Love

Vue comes in four styles—Cygnus, Orion, Lyra and Leo—with more styles scheduled for release later this year. At only 25 grams, you won't even feel you're wearing tech.

Connect to Any Device With Bluetooth

Just tap and hold and you're ready to pair to any device - your phone, laptop, gaming console or smart TV. With Bluetooth 5.0 and a range of 30 ft (10m), stay connected continuously as you power through the day.

All-Weather Resistance

Vue is designed to be splash and sweat resistant, for all day use in rain or shine, work or exercise. With IPX5 water resistance, you can use Vue in all weathers and sports without worry.
Vue Lite Cygnus glasses with drops of water, possibly rain or sweat, on them to indicate water resistance