Prescription Types


Your glasses are just for looks, meaning your eyes don’t need any correction at all. These lenses contain no prescription.

Single Vision

Your vision needs correction for nearsightedness or farsightedness. These lenses can also help with astigmatism if you need it.


You need help focusing on close-up items, especially for activities like reading. The corrective strength will be the same in both eyes.


A multi-focal lens that corrects for both distance and near vision in the same lens.

Our Lenses


Our standard clear lenses are perfect for a wide range of everyday activities.

Blue Light Filter

Blue light filter lenses reduce glare and filter light from digital screens.


Photochromic lenses automatically shift from clear to dark as you expose them to sunlight.


Best for daytime activities and everyday glare reduction.


Filters out glare from the sun. Best for use outdoors.

Lenses Specifications

1.60 high-index lenses
With better ability to bend light, our high index lenses are thinner than conventional plastic lenses and lighter, so they are more comfortable to wear.
Polycarbonate material
Vue's lenses are made of polycarbonate, which is durable, lightweight, and resistant to impact and scratches, helping your lenses to last longer.
Anti-glare coating
All lenses come with anti-reflective coating so the lenses look almost invisible to others while cutting down on reflective glare.
Quality standards
Our lenses are sourced from quality labs who supply some of the world's top brands, and who meet rigorous international testing standards including drop-ball testing.